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For years, dozens of companies have applied to have an ETF approved by the SEC. Delayed once again, now is a good time to explore what would happen if either Bitcoin ETF or futures-based Bitcoin ETF were to launch.

Bitcoin Starts October with Sharp Rally

As we were leaving a historically underperforming September, Bitcoin rapidly recovered. Rising from $41k on September 28th, to $47k on October 1st, Bitcoin saw a 14.6% increase in just three days. It appears that $47k is Bitcoin’s current resistance level, with $45k a possible dip down the line.

Interestingly, when Michael Saylor bought 3,907 BTC at that price range, on August 24, we had speculated that $45k could be the new BTC bottom. Moving forward, BTC price would have to overcome the previously hard resistance of $50k to regain lost ground prior to the Musk/China FUD combo.

Bitcoin recovers from September’s flash crash but is still a long way from pre-April support, image credit: TradingView

The question is, which piece of news could break through the resistance? Social media speculation usually gathers around these possible factors.